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BIG!Gives Back

has given away $300,000 worth of materials benefiting NYC's community and environment.


has given away 5,345 pieces of retired lumber to build 2,226 garden beds in over 1,269 community and school gardens.

BIG! Compost

has diverted 267,230 lbs of food scraps and given away 159,240 lbs of compost and 49,620 lbs of mulch in 2013.

Donate, don't dump!

In 2013, BIG!NYC diverted over 4,000,000 lbs of usable building materials from the landfill!

Our diversion rate reduces climate change emission by 3,200 MTCOE which is like saving 360,000 gallons of gasoline.

Brooklyn-Based Design Firm Hecho Inc. Builds with Reuse on the Brain

Hecho Inc., a design and construction firm that often uses reused materials, was founded in 2004 by Phil Morgan and John Kole. Together they are responsible for the construction, development and launch of over 60 bars and restaurants in New York City. 


"One of Hecho's manager's [Matthew Lusk] introduced us to Build It Green a while back. We donate stuff here and there and are always checking out what they have," said Kole. Back in 2006, Lusk was building an installation at Socrates Sculpture Park, where he received a discount to BIG!NYC and started stopping by the reuse center. 


Building on BondBuilding on Bond in Boreum Hill, a popular Brooklyn cafe and bar, is largely made up of repurposed materials, many of which came from BIG!NYC. The unique beer tap was created with surplus piping, the ceiling is fire-proofing tin from an old factory in Greenpoint, and the seating area is made from wooden church pews, sourced from Connecticut. A wall of military mechanic storage cabinets came from BIG!NYC!  Building on Bond houses Hecho's design offices, so they can work and play in the same space.


Building on Bond wallAnother example of Hecho's reuse work is showcased at the NYC club, The Box. The handrails of the mezzanine level come from a 1960's row-house in Manhattan. Hanging pendant lights - actually refurbished NYC subway lights from the'20's - illuminate the space. 

The Box

Subway lights and townhouse handrails decorate The Box

Other NYC projects that Hecho has built include the bars Spitzer's Corner and Marshall Stack. For more pictures of their amazing design and reuse projects visit projects will be added when they relaunch their website in the coming weeks!


Photo credit: Jean Bourbon