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Big Reuse Staff


Big Reuse Staff

(in alphabetical order)


Vinnie Cannon

Warehouse Operations Supervisor, Brooklyn
718-725-8925 x7002

Vinnie has by far the most warehousing experience of anyone at Big Reuse. From the paint room to windows, nobody knows the warehouse like Vinnie. As our first successful hire from a work training program (Fatherhood Re-entry Program), Vinnie has extensive experience with truck driving, warehousing and construction. When he’s not busy shaping the hearts and minds of his six children (that’s right, six children), Vinnie enjoys weight training, running and bicycling. If you ask me though, Vinnie’s real passion is inspirational public speaking, so much so that he’s been asked to guest lecture at the Fatherhood Program several times since his successful job placement here at Big Reuse. Next time you stop by, say hi to Vinnie, you won’t regret it.

Veronica Dougherty

Fiscal Services
718-725-8925 x7027

Veronica has been helping artists and dreamers run their businesses for ten years, ever since she was laid off from her job writing horoscopes for websites.  In her spare time, she organizes site-specific installations and helps produce Seven Second Delay, a radio show on WFMU.


Chris Fox


Chris Fox graduated from the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at Cooper Union in 2008. Before becoming a Deconstructionist with Big Reuse, he worked in architecture, rogue clandestine carpentry, and upholstery, to name a few trades. While on the surface he appears to be just a nice mid-western architect from St. Louis, in reality Chris Fox is a wild man from wild stock. Some of his ancestors were whalers in the Hamptons (before they were "The Hamptons"), while others were competitive ice skate barrel rollers. That's where you spin on a barrel wearing ice skates in a frozen lake, or so we think. In his spare time, Chris enjoys his dog, riding his bicycle in flip flops year round, and origami. He also really likes climbing pretty much anything and jumping over other things.

Justin Green

Program Director & Founder
718-777-0132 x7023

Justin Green is the Co-founder and Director of Big Reuse. Justin has overseen Rig Reuse's development from its’ beginning in 2004, having managed the first two deconstruction projects for the Durst Organization that generated the materials required to launch Big Reuse. Justin also piloted and directed NYC Cool Roofs for its first two years.

Before Big Reuse, Justin worked at a non-profit addressing the housing and energy efficiency needs of low- and middle-income communities. While there, Justin assisted their efforts to establish a statewide loan fund for the installation of energy efficiency measures. He has also managed construction crews in residential development, worked as a Loan Associate with Low Income Investment Fund monitoring loans to non-profit housing developers, and designed for an educational dotcom. Justin received his BA with a double major in Economics and Community Development from Oberlin College.

Cate Giordano

Donations Acquisitions

Cate is originally from Pensacola, Florida. Now she lives in Brooklyn and has worked at Big Reuse for many years.  






Steve Haskins

Director of Operations, Big Reuse Queens
718-777-0132 x7001

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Steve landed at Big Reuse through Bard College’s BPI Program. While at Bard (like everyone else around here!), he received an Associate Liberal Arts degree, specializing in history. Some of his previous work experiences include landscaping, woodworking, and custodial work, although some of his best work lies ahead. Steve is currently working on a novel AND a clothing line if you can believe that! Steve LOVES snowmobiling, and basically all other motorized winter sports. What does this guy NOT do?!


Otis Kelsey

Reuse Center Associate, Queens
718-777-0132 x7001

Bio coming soon!

Dan Lucal

Donations Driver, Marketing Coordinator

After hurricane sandy, Bagel the cat decided a pile of scrap wood in the corner of the parking lot was not an ideal home.  So he moved in to Big Reuse Brooklyn and soon found himself well fed and loved by staff and customers alike.  His fame as a regular instagram personality has gone to his head, and he can now be found lounging arrogantly in the warmest and most petting/food area. 




Fred Maass

Donations Acquisitions

Returned from New Orleans, this natural-born hoarder is eager to wring every last drop of "usable" from would-be discarded materials. He once biked 100 miles in 100 degrees with no brakes and one pedal, and has crossed state lines with a hamster, a toad and a box turtle.

Yona Prochnik

Deconstructionist, Brooklyn

Yona interned one summer at Big Reuse, and we liked him so much we hired ‘em! Born in Israel, raised in Brooklyn, Yona recently completed a Political Science and Philosophy degree from McGill University in Montreal.  Some of his previous work experiences include: trail building in New Mexico with the Southwest Conservation Corps; organic farming in the French Pyrenese, and general maintenance and leisure at a hiking lodge upstate. In his spare time, Yona likes to rock out in his band, How to be Topp. He’s currently really into Russian Literature. He also claims he can eat more than anyone on staff. Bold statement, Yona, bold statement.



Kit Schultz


Director of Donations

Kit Schultz was born in the Midwest and has been involved in the salvage industry in New York City for the past 8 years. In addition to being the Director of Donations at Big Reuse, she works as a birth doula.  
Likes: Reuse. Dislikes: Waste.



NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse


Charles Lynch

Operations Manager, NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse

Born in Altus, Oklahoma, Charles moved to New York City with his mother and sister in 1990 and has hailed from the Bronx ever since. A graduate of Cardinal Spellman High School, Charles now studies Nutrition at Bronx Community College. Before working for NYC Compost Project, Charles interned at The Horticultural Society of New York. He enjoys composting because he feels that everything has a purpose and can be re-purposed. He is proud to do work that helps him both understand and teach about the process of turning unwanted food and scraps into compost, something so vital and useful for the planet. When he's not making compost at BIG, Charles is often working out at the gym or studying for his nutrition classes.


Erycka de Jesus

Outreach Coordinator, NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse

Erycka is a​ native New Yorker, ​growing up in Western Queens​. As a young person, Erycka's first encounter with composting was during her visit to the sleep away trail blazers camp. This sustainable approach to life left an impact on her young developing mind, and helped to catapult her connection to her coined term "inner sustainabilist". As a Master Composter, Erycka has volunteered her time to teaching and demonstrating the invaluable act of composting locally, processing locally, and distributing locally all in the pursuit of assisting our communities in becoming aware of their impact on our natural urban world and in turn acting responsibly. Working and living in a neighborhood where resources are scarce, and poverty prevalent, has taught Erycka that the pursuit of happiness comes from serving the community at large​, networking with like minded groups/organizations​ and becoming the change you want to see! 




Ozzie Martinez

Field Assistant, NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse

Ozzie was born and raised in the city of New York. Surrounded by an urban jungle that had few healthy options for many people in under-served communities, Ozzie made it his passion to study social issues facing our city today and seek out ways on how he could make a difference. Food justice and sustainable living became the focus to which Ozzie uses to share and teach others about compost, urban farming and leading the next generation to a better place!



Erik Hoversten

Erik Hoversten

Organics Recovery Coordinator, NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse

Erik grew up along the face of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.  As an undergrad at the University of Wyoming, he fell in love with philosophy, and that love brought him east to pursue a PhD at Rutgers University in New Jersey.  The pursuit is still ongoing.  Academically, Erik's primary interests lie in understanding the structure of human cognition and how we manage to successfully communicate to others what's going on in our heads.  While his chosen career path keeps his nose firmly ensconced in books, Erik also loves sharing what he has learned with others.  One of his favorite experiences is seeing an undergrad's eyes light up upon first encountering a philosophical puzzle.  He is equally excited to see new composters' eyes light up upon realizing what their food scraps can become.

Erik Hoversten

Leah Retherford

Project Manager, NYC Compost Project hosted by Big Reuse

Leah has one of the greenest thumbs at Big Reuse.  She began community gardening in Detroit in 2003 which lead to a position in urban agriculture at the Greening of Detroit and the opportunity to attend the Organic Farmer Training Program at Michigan State University in 2007.  After that she was the Farm Manager at the Queens County Farm Museum for many years until coming to Big Reuse in 2015.  





Our Food Scrap Drop-off program serviced 1000 households per week in 2015!

Our Big Gives Back program has given away $300,000 worth of materials benefiting NYC's community and environment.

Our Big Blooms program has given away 5,345 pieces of retired lumber to build 2,226 garden beds in over 1,269 community and school gardens.

We processed 765,477 pounds of food scraps and accepted 237,554 pounds of wood chips and leaf matter in 2015! That's over 1 million pounds of organic material diverted from landfills!

The greenhouse gas emissions prevented by our diversion efforts is equivalent to saving 360,000 gallons of gasoline!