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Submit your compost testimony 5/21 - 5/26!!

Submit your compost testimony 5/21 - 5/26!!

The City Council’s public budget hearing will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2020. The deadline to submit testimony for this hearing is Tuesday, May 26th end of day. You can give written or live testimony via the Council's website at


Find your representative here:

To:  Honorable [your council member] 

CC: [email protected]

Re: Community Composting

My name is [Your Name] and I am disheartened to learn that the City is planning to eliminate funding for community composting and zero waste outreach programs. [Add personal information here about why these programs are important to you.]

Now more than ever, community composting programs are essential in NYC. Recognizing the urgent need for budget cuts and cost-savings due to COVID-19, we cannot afford to reverse progress on the larger, longer-term crisis: climate change. Composting is one of the most basic things that every person can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have a positive impact on the environment. Maintaining funding for community composting will provide continued access to essential composting service for New Yorkers at the lowest possible cost by uplifting community-based networks and tapping into local expertise.

In this time of great uncertainty, we need programs that contribute to a more sustainable future. The City’s Community Composting programs give people hope that through collective action, our individual choices can make a difference. We need this kind of hope during our current crisis.

I ask that the City restore funding to Community Composting and Zero Waste Programs.


[Your Name]

[Your Organization/Affiliation]

[Your Address]



Examples of Personal Stories


  • My [family/household] has been participating in the Curbside Composting program for [X] years. Separating our food scraps and yard waste for composting has significantly cut down on the amount of trash we generate, made our home cleaner, and become a part of our daily lives.
  • I have been taking my food scraps to the [Your Food Scrap Drop-off Site Here] for [X] years. I live in a [high rise building / neighborhood] that didn’t have access to the Curbside Composting program, and I was happy to have another option for keeping my food waste out of landfills.
  • In the months since the City has suspended Curbside Composting and Food Scrap Drop-off sites, I’ve had no options for composting my food waste. I have been storing it in my freezer in the hope that these programs will return, but I have long-since run out of space. It breaks my heart to throw my food scraps in the trash after years of diligently composting, and it is not acceptable for the City to continue these cuts for the next year or more.
  • One of the things I love most about the City’s composting programs is that I’ve been able to use the finished compost that I helped make. I received finished compost from [Organization] that I used to [grow food/grow flowers/care for a street tree…] in my [apartment/terrace/backyard/community garden/neighborhood].
  • I have volunteered with the NYC Compost Project Hosted by [Organization] and was encouraged to see all the job opportunities in the field of organics recycling and urban agriculture. My experience volunteering helped me secure a green job doing [description of work].
  • I am a Master Composter certified by NYC Compost Project Hosted by [Organization], and have been volunteering at my community compost site [name] for [X] years. It has changed my life. Making compost got me involved in growing food for myself, which meant fewer trips to the grocery store and introduced me to other ways to reduce the waste in my life.
  • I am a member of [Community Garden]. We have a small composting initiative that’s been overwhelmed since the City suspended the Curbside Composting and Food Scrap Drop-off programs. People in our neighborhood are desperate for a way to compost, and we can’t safely keep up with that demand. We need the City to step up and honor its commitments to Zero Waste by funding community composting rather than leaving this essential work to volunteers like me.