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Make Compost, Not Trash

As part of our outreach efforts, there is an ongoing campaign called Make Compost, Not Trash. We are currently focusing in specific neighborhoods throughout New York City to increase participation for the Curbside Composting Program. We are promoting awareness through, street tree care events, leaf rakes, park clean ups, neighborhood composting education, compost give backs, leaf bag giveaways, compostable dinning kit giveaways, presentations at local civics and other associations and so much more. Our outreach team is only 15 people. It is hard to reach over 3.3 million New Yorkers with only a handful of us. That is why we are building a volunteer base. We need your help to educate your neighbors and community of the benefits of Curbside Composting. If you would like to volunteer with us check out our volunteer page. If you would like to see upcoming events in your neighborhood click here to be redirected to our micro site Make Compost, Not Trash, which has more info about the campaign and upcoming events.