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We believe that the best way to support our community is by directly engaging those with whom we share the space. We have extensive volunteer opportunities at our Reuse Center, compost drop-off sites, compost processing site and door to door with our outreach team.


Warehouse- Come help volunteer at the warehouse. Tasks would include: Organizing Books, Organizing Clothes, Housewares and other goods


Compost Project-Come help volunteer at one of our drop-off-sites. This would involve encouraging people to drop off the food scraps and educate them on the benefits of compost. You can also come to one of our compost processing sites. This would involve physically turning piles of compost.


Curbside Compost Outreach- Come door to door with our outreach team and educate residents the benefits of using their brown bins. We also have greening events like leaf rakes and park clean ups. These would involve using a rake or another tool to help clean up a local park


[email protected]

For group volunteer opportunities in the Warehouse, Compost Project Processing sites, or Curbside Composting Outreach, contact us directly at [email protected]