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Bring out your compost!

FOOD SCRAP DROPS-OFFS ARE OPEN - Click for locations.




Warehouse Volunteers - Tasks would include: Organizing Books, Organizing Clothes, Housewares and other goods

If you are interested in volunteering with us contact us directly at [email protected]




Compost Project Volunteers 

Salt Lot Volunteers: Join us at our Gowanus compost site! Tasks would include helping process organic waste, create compost piles, sift and bag compost. The site is located at 2 second avenue, Brooklyn 11215. To sign up for a Compost Work Day please register here.

Queensbridge Compost Site Volunteers: Join the NYC Compost Project Hosted by Big Reuse to volunteer at our large-scale urban composting site in Queensbridge. Volunteers will help break up leaf bags, rake and tidy the site, collect trash, clean bins, and other fun jobs. Please register here.


Tree Care/Stewardship Volunteers:  To partner with us on a tree care event, compost application, or other stewardship events please email [email protected]