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What to Compost


  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and paper tea bags
  • Bread and grains
  • Egg and nut shells
  • Food-soiled paper towels and napkins
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Sawdust and wood shavings from untreated wood
  • Stale beans, flour, and spices
  • Cut or dried flowers
  • Houseplants and potting soil
  • Feathers
  • BPI-Certified compostable plastics


  • Meat or fish scraps
  • Cheese or dairy products
  • Fats, grease, oil, or oily foods
  • Cat or dog feces
  • Kitty litter
  • Colored or glossy paper
  • Sawdust made from pressure-treated plywood or lumber
  • Coal or charcoal ashes
  • Non-compostable materials like plastic, metals, or glass
  • Diseased or insect-infested houseplants and soil
  • Biodegradable plastics


Yard Waste

Yard waste is accepted at staffed drop-off sites only! Here are suggestions to ensure that your yard waste is composted. For further info, visit DSNY's service page for leaf and yard waste.

  • Do not bring yard waste to unstaffed drop-offs: Big Reuse Brooklyn, Vernon/Jackson 7 commuter stop or Broadway Library locations.
  • Please limit your-drop off to no more than two (2) large yard bags per drop-off period.
  • We cannot accept or process root balls or branches greater than 1/2-inch diameter.
  • Yard waste must be bundled or packaged. We prefer that you bring yard waste in paper refuse bags as they are fully compostable.
  • Do not leave yard waste at the drop-off site unless a staff member is available to accept your drop-off.

For more information, visit the accepted drop-off items page at